What parents and teachers are saying about Sugar and the Candy Tree...

Sugar and the Candy Tree is a heartwarming, magical story that will pique the imagination of every child who reads it! It kept our preschoolers engaged and the hands-on activity made it an extremely enriching experience. Truly a great family read!

-Judy D. Preschool Teacher, NY

"Sugar and the Candy Tree" is an enchanting, magical story that has become a Holiday Tradition for our whole family. The colorful and creative illustrations bring Sugar to life and her witty ways capture your heart. My six year old talks about Sugar all year long  and counts down to when it is time to plant his seeds and watch the magic happen all over again!

-Suzanne B., Sayville NY

When my daughter saw that we had gotten “Sugar and the Candy Tree” she was so excited that she was literally jumping up and down cheering. She loves the book so much that she has brought it to bed with her every single night since we got it. Thank you so much for the joy that this has brought to our family!

- Stacy L. Sayville NY

This exceptional book will fill the hearts of children with great joy for many years! My Granddaughter absolutely adored the book. As a grandmother and retired kindergarten teacher, I highly recommend this book!!

- Nancy F. Retired Kindergarten Teacher, Johnstown, PA

"My children and I love Sugar and the Candy Tree! It's more than a book, it's become a yearly experience and tradition. " 

- Donna T., Kindergarten Teacher, Brentwood, NY

"Sugar and the Candy Tree was an absolute joy to read to my children. They were very interested throughout the whole story and loved the pictures in the book. They loved planting the Candy Tree seeds and sprinkling the magic dust. The Candy Tree was a hit! We love the story and will use it for years to come. " 

- Kristen F. White House, TN

""Sugar And The Candy Tree" is an amazing,  imaginative and sweet book that can be enjoyed over and over again! My 7 year old son has loved this story over the past three years and continues to look forward to reading it. It is both beautifully written and adorably illustrated! The character "Sugar" is perfect and will be loved by children of all ages! " 

- Jamie V. Sayville, NY

"My kids absolutely adore Sugar! They have never looked so forward to Easter. It can't come quick enough!" 

- Debbie W. Bayshore, NY

"The children were totally captivated when we read 'Sugar and the Candy Tree' at our preschool.  They had so much fun and absolutely loved the tree growing activity.  Of course they were especially excited when the candy tree blossomed!  We can't wait to read the book again next year and have this be our new Easter tradition!" 

- Ms. Krissy K. Preschool Teacher, Sayville, NY

"Like elf on the shelf, Sugar and The Candy Tree will create a beautiful family tradition that will make memories for a lifetime! " 

- Tracy K., Teacher, Brentwood, NY

"The looks on my kids faces were priceless. Sugar and The Candy Tree was an amazing addition to our Easter morning." 

- Amy B. Lindenhurst, NY

"Sugar and The Candy Tree is magical. The kids loved the book and even better waking up to a tree filled with candy! Kids dream come true. " 

- Theresa B. Teacher, Brentwood, NY