Is everyone in the whole wide world too busy for dreams?

Sugar and the Candy Tree


Is a 32-page picture book that tells the tale of a little girl, named Sugar, who has a big imagination and loves dreaming of candy. One day she gets the most amazing, outstanding, scrumbly-yum-tious idea that any thinker has ever thought of. She is going to grow a candy tree!

She tries to tell her friends and family about her amazing idea, but she soon realizes that everyone in the whole wide world is too busy for dreams and she is ready to give up. Just then, she thinks of the Easter Bunny! He's a candy expert. Maybe he could help! Will the Easter Bunny be able to help Sugar make her dream come true?

Inspired by the author’s daughter and illustrated by her two sons, Sugar and the Candy Tree Deluxe Set makes it easy for parents to bring the story to life for their children.

After reading the book to your child, you and your little one will “plant” the magic seeds in your garden or in a pot, and sprinkle the seeds with the magic dust. When your little one goes to sleep on Easter Eve, you will plant the sparkly white wire Easter tree and decorate it with healthy, organic or traditional candy of your choice. When your child awakens on Easter morning, the magical candy tree will have grown overnight, and you’ve started a wonderful Easter tradition.

Sugar and the Candy Tree

Is an Easter themed book that will:

  • Bring joy and excitement into the hearts of parents and children.
  • Help families to start a wonderful, new Easter tradition to be passed down for many generations.
  • Celebrate the big, beautiful, unfettered imaginations of our children.
  • Strengthen bonds by creating precious moments and family memories for years to come.

Each book comes with the "magic seeds" and the "magic dust" that children can plant to grow a scrumbly-yum-tious candy tree of their own!